Error: Unable to determine the codec required of .avi files

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Sameema Tariq
Sameema Tariq on 19 Apr 2020
I am using MatLab R2017a. I have to run .avi files. When I use the command VideoFileReader, it shows error.
Error using dspmmfileinfo>tryVideoReader (line 305)
Unable to determine the codec required. The specified file is:
Error in dspmmfileinfo>getFileInfo (line 164)
videoWidthInPixels,videoHeightInPixels,videoFormatName] = tryVideoReader(theFile);
Error in dspmmfileinfo (line 40)
cache.fileInfo(index) = {getFileInfo(filename)};
Error in vision.VideoFileReader/setFileInfoProps
Error in vision.VideoFileReader/set.Filename
Error in matlab.system.SystemProp/parseInputs
Error in matlab.system.SystemProp/setProperties
Error in vision.VideoFileReader
My .avi files are running using the VLC media player on windows 10. Kindly guide me how do I proceed.

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