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Simulink continuosly collecting data from ADS Stream - How to process data simultaneously?

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Timo Schmid
Timo Schmid on 31 Mar 2020
Hello Mathworks-Community,
I've set up a Simulink model collecting a set of 9 data values 1000 times per second from an ADS Stream (TwinCAT3).
What I am trying to achieve now is, to simultaneously process this data in chunks (for example 10.000 rows of my output vector) to calculate forward kinematics of a robot and upload the calculated values to a MySQL-Database.
The problem I have is that I can't find a way to access the data before the simulation finished (its easy to get the simulation output as soon as the simulation is done).
As the Simulation should run in a while loop until I cancel it, I don't know how to access chunks of the data the model received from ADS Stream for further postprocessing in Matlab.
Hope you can help me with this problem.


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