Storing the output of "imhist" and apply bhattacharyya distance?

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Sameema Tariq
Sameema Tariq on 27 Jan 2020
How can I store the output of imhist function in any variable. I have used the variable "infoH" for this purpose, but i cannot obtain required results. I want to get "imhist" output of each video frame. How can I do it?
Secondly, I have to calculate bhattacharyya distance. For this purpose, I have to pass these variable "infoH" (having information of each frame in form of histogram) through this function
infoH = cell([],1) ;
for numFrames = 1:vid.NumberOfFrames
thisframe = read(vid);
if numFrames>1 && numFrames<vid.NumberOfFrames

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