How do I count the number of times zero is being crossed by a signal?

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I am trying to build a control system and I want to count the oscillations in a time-span of say 100 seconds.
Can I count the number of times a signal crosses zero (probably using MATLAB's zer-crossing detection algo.) to count the oscillations?
I want it to happen within Simulink - is there any other better way? I just want a count say 10, that tells me there were 10 oscillations.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 8 Jan 2020
If you have the DSP toolbox, there is a Zero-Crossing counter block. If not, you can compare the signal with zero, which creates a square wave signal. Use the rising and falling edge to trig an triggered subsystem, inside which adding a Counter block.

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