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rows interval using textscan

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sermet OGUTCU
sermet OGUTCU on 24 Jun 2019
Answered: Guillaume on 24 Jun 2019
What is the equivalent of
in the


Bob Nbob
Bob Nbob on 24 Jun 2019
To the best of my knowledge, you cannot specify a specific number of rows within textscan. You can tell it to ignore a number of rows at the beginning as 'headers,' but I don't believe it stops until it finishes the file once it actually starts reading.
sermet OGUTCU
sermet OGUTCU on 24 Jun 2019
Thank you Bob. Any alternative for textscan is available?

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 24 Jun 2019
The intent of the question is a bit unclear since textscan cannot parse excel files. If the intent is to parse a csv file, then both dlmread and csvread (which calls dlmread) accept a range.
In any case, it is very likely that parsing the text file would be a lot easier with readtable or readmatrix. The latter requires R2019a.


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