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start simulink via power_analyze using variables from another workspace

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Rostislav Teryaev
Rostislav Teryaev on 2 Apr 2019
When I want to run a simulation within a matlab function I use
function myFunc()
R = 5;
options = simset('SrcWorkspace','current');
sim('modelName.slx', [], options); % This model has a block with parameter R
If I don't use
options = simset('SrcWorkspace','current');
MatLab can't find variable R, because it looks for in not in a function workspace, but in workspace of the main script.
Now, I need to calculate not a transient, but steady state solution, thus I use
However, It doesn't allow me to pass "option" parameter into it to use 'power_analyze" within a function.
Is there any way to do something with it?


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