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Timing belt pulley (Simulink)

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I'm using simulink and I saw that "belt pulley" block allows to analyze flat and V-belts. Is it possible to analyze timing belts too?
How can I do?
I am using this example: sdl_power_window


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Accepted Answer

Sreelakshmi S.B
Sreelakshmi S.B on 5 Mar 2019
Yes.Timing belts can be modelled and analyzed.Two pulley blocks connected together can be used to model the belt and the tooth in the belts can be modelled by connecting gears to the rotational port of the pulleys.


Ainara Ramos
Ainara Ramos on 6 Mar 2019
Thank you for answering :)
Could you add an image to see which blocks I need to use and how to conect them?
Sreelakshmi S.B
Sreelakshmi S.B on 8 Mar 2019
I've attached a sample model.

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