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Plot array data with its values only inside polygon

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Shakir Hussain
Shakir Hussain on 19 Feb 2019
Commented: Shakir Hussain on 19 Feb 2019
I have a data 420*940*6 (the value of each grid varies from 0-100) and I want to plot data only inside polygon (s). lat (420*1) and lon1(940*1).
we can plot this signle page data in this way
S = shaperead(polygon);
N = length(S);
[X,Y] = meshgrid(lon1,lat1);
data= test;
for k = 1:N
idx = insidepoly(X(:),Y(:),S(k).X,S(k).Y);
hold on
plot(X(idx), Y(idx), 'r*')
How we can plot all pages (6) together according to values (0-100) as the attached figure?
Guide me in this regard.tp_sc-test.jpg

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KSSV on 19 Feb 2019
Read about inpolygon. This will pick the values lying inside the given polygon.
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Shakir Hussain
Shakir Hussain on 19 Feb 2019
We can pick the values inside polygon and plot by inpolygon/insidepoly easily but I want to plot as per the values of each grid whcih varies frim 0-100.

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