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Plot 2D line graph for each column in separate box having with minor grids on

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Shakir Hussain
Shakir Hussain on 21 Nov 2018
Answered: TADA on 21 Nov 2018
The plot should consist on 36 2D line graph each in a separat box with unique x and y lable and 36 line graph must be in single window
Data = 204*36
x-axis of each box is 204 values(1 to 204)
Y-axis of each box is 100 values (1 to 100) (ignore the negative values in this plot)
we can plot 2d line graph with minor and major grids but do not know to get the exact required graph.
grid on
grid minor
How to get this kind of plot (a line graph in each box)
Thank you for help in advance

Accepted Answer

TADA on 21 Nov 2018
To Generate A Separate Box For Each Curvery You Can Use subplot function Which Creates A Grid Of Axes
for i = 1:size(test,2)
ax1 = subplot(6,6,i);
or Generate An Axes Object On Your Own Usin axes function. in that case you'll want set the location manually. Its A Bit More Tedious But Gives you More Control
You Can Do It Similarly In A Loop

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