Is there any way to speed up the PDE solver with the parallel computing toolbox?

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Steven on 25 Sep 2018
Edited: Steven on 26 Sep 2018
Can I speed up this code by paralleling it with the parallel computing toolbox?
thermalmodel = createpde('thermal','transient');
gm = multicuboid(1,1,0.5,'ZOffset',0.5);%if this doesn't work choose your own geometry
thermalmodel.Geometry = gm;
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%GENERATE MESH %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
% meshsize = 0.4;%mm
meshsize = 4;%mm
htc = vpa(25) *u.Watt/(u.m^2*u.Kelvin);
htc = rewrite(htc,u.Watt/(^2*u.Kelvin));
htc = double(separateUnits(htc));
thermalBC(thermalmodel,'Face',1,'Temperature',50+273);%bottom face
mybc = @(region,state) sin(350*state.time).^2;
thermalBC(thermalmodel,'Face',12,'Temperature',mybc);%top face
tfinal = 6;
tlist = 0:3:tfinal;
thermalmodel.SolverOptions.ReportStatistics = 'on';
result = solve(thermalmodel,tlist);
figure; pdeplot3D(thermalmodel)
title('Temperature in K')
axis equal
title(sprintf('Transient Temperature at Final Time (%g seconds)',tfinal));

Accepted Answer

Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 26 Sep 2018
Sorry, currently Partial Differential Equation Toolbox™ does not use parallel computing.
Alan Weiss
MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 26 Sep 2018
Your mesh density is too high. I could not get the mesh generated on my machine in a reasonable time. This means, there are large number of DoFs. Can you run your problem first with the default mesh, by using:
instead of:
I am sure you will be able to solve this on a single machine. Then see how much mesh resolution you really need.
Regards, Ravi
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Steven on 26 Sep 2018
it works fine on my machine even with mesh densities 100x this, the mesh density doesn't matter, the transient solution is not working. I'm more concerned about how to use the PDE toolbox with the parallel computing toolbox

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