How to use webread to download numerical data

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Hello. I have data in the form of .mat files in a folder in my Boxnet account. I would like to use a Matlab script to read those .mat files. One of those files is A0#.mat. When I use InternetExplorer to open my Boxnet folder I see
so I assume that is the link to the folder containing A0#.mat.
I have tried
which does not give me an error but it also does not give any data.
I have tried
which gives me an error. Could someone suggest what I am doing incorrectly. Thanks.
Christian Heigele
Christian Heigele on 14 Aug 2018
With [api 'string'] you are concatting the two strings into:
This address is valid and a `webread('')` should return you a 112x1 struct.

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Accepted Answer

Christian Heigele
Christian Heigele on 13 Aug 2018
Most likely your missing your credentials:
options = weboptions('Username','jdoe','Password','mypassword'); webread(url, options);
See for more details.
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David Koenig
David Koenig on 13 Aug 2018
Christian, thanks for your answer. I tried it and it does not work.

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