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Writing the matlab matrix in geotiff, whats wrong with this script?

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Shakir Hussain
Shakir Hussain on 12 Jun 2018
Commented: Shakir Hussain on 13 Jun 2018
What I am making mistake here?
basename = 'test';
rasterSize = [890 751];
refmat = makerefmat( ...
'RasterSize', rasterSize, 'Latlim', [00.00 44.50], ...
'Lonlim', [67.50 105.0250]);
R = refmatToGeoRasterReference(refmat, rasterSize);
filename = [test '.tif'];
testttif = geotiffwrite(filename, test, R);
I am getting this error Error using horzcat Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 12 Jun 2018
filename = ['test', '.tif'];
Shakir Hussain
Shakir Hussain on 13 Jun 2018
yes, got your point but still getting more error.
Error using>validGeoRasterReference (line 86) R.RasterSize is inconsistent with rasterSize.
Error in (line 40) validGeoRasterReference(R, rasterSize, angleUnit), ...
Error in geotiffwrite>validateR (line 851) R =, rasterSize, angle_units, ...
Error in geotiffwrite>validateInputs (line 348) R = validateR(R, size(A), hasColorMap, type);
Error in geotiffwrite (line 238) [filename, A, cmap, R, Params] = validateInputs(filename, A, cmap, R, Params);

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