How to find "maximum" value in a table

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How to find "maximum" value in a table and to extract the other data's based on maximum value (i.e maximum value row):
I have a table with 6 columns as shown below
Calcul = table;
Calcul.Element = cell2mat(raw(:, 1));
Calcul.Tau = cell2mat(raw(:, 2));
Calcul.Pressure = cell2mat(raw(:, 3));
Calcul.VMStress = cell2mat(raw(:, 4));
Calcul.SPmax = cell2mat(raw(:, 5));
Calcul.SPmin = cell2mat(raw(:, 6));
I need to find a maximum value/cell of a particular column and to extract all the data from these 6 columns (i.e row of a particular cell) as attached in the image.
Please help me
Thanks in advance
Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 7 Jun 2018
Stephen's comment was just that you have six lines to create six table variables, and because each of those six references a column in the same cell array, you could replace all those with one call to cell2table.

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Accepted Answer

Razvan Carbunescu
Razvan Carbunescu on 5 Jun 2018
Can accomplish this easier with indexing
>> T = readtable('test1.txt');
>> [~,maxidx] = max(T.SPmin);
>> T(maxidx,:)
ans =
1×6 table
Element Tau Pressure VMStress SPmax SPmin
_______ ______ ________ ________ ______ ______
54281 2.5304 -3.6719 4.479 6.5101 1.4493
Razvan Carbunescu
Razvan Carbunescu on 5 Jun 2018
The second line computes the max of T.SPMin and stores the position where that max is found in maxidx. Then via table indexing on the 3rd line can find the result.

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