Creating a column vector of strings of various sizes

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hey so as the title says, I need to create a database / 'library'. I need to save each 'book' entered by the user ( the total amount of books entered is unknown, i.e. can enter as many as they want)into a vertical vector. Ive tried using strvcat and char and other methods to add elements to an empty vector but I keep getting dimension errors. Please help

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KSSV on 9 Apr 2018
books = cell(3,1) ;
books{1} = 'MATLAB';
books{2} = 'MAT';
books{3} = 'LAB';
Read about cell
Gian Carpinelli
Gian Carpinelli on 9 Apr 2018
does this only work for 3 entries of the book though?

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