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CCS7 unsupported by Matlab/Simulink ?

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Hello, I would like to export my C2000 Simulink project to CCS. But in the diagnostic viewer there is no way to export the project.
I have Matlab 2017b with all the support package, toolbox up to date and Code Composer Studio 7 up to date too. I don't know what to do to resolve the problem. Any idea ?

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Antoine Bostem
Antoine Bostem on 19 Feb 2018
To resolve the bug you have to upgrade the CCS version to 7.4 instead of 7.2 (in my case)

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 15 Feb 2018
Could you please update on the version of the support package? 17.2.2 is latest, please let us know which version is installed in your machine.

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