The following error occurred during deployment to your hardware board: Index exceeds matrix dimensions. The simulation works though. Please help!

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Logan Sledge
Logan Sledge on 30 Sep 2017
Please help. My simulink image is attached.
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Nick Choi
Nick Choi on 2 Oct 2017
Based off of the blocks, I assume that this is being deployed onto VEX robotics hardware. Is this correct?
Are there any operations inside the If action subsystems? Can you describe what you are trying to achieve with this model?

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Ashwini Venkatappa
Ashwini Venkatappa on 4 Oct 2017
We observe this error generally when the vex controller is not connected to the computer.
  • Ensure you have disconnected the gamepad.
  • Connect the VEX controller using a USB cable.
  • In the device manager, we should see a com port assigned for the VEX controller.
In the MATLAB command window, execute
>> usbDeviceObj = matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwconnection.USBDeviceEnumerator;
>> vexSerialPortCell = usbDeviceObj.getSerialPorts('productid','000b','vendorid','04d8');
>> vexSerialPort = vexSerialPortCell{1}
"vexSerialPort" should be same as the com port of the VEX controller.
Please note: The workflow of programming the VEX controller wirelessly using gamepad and VEXNET is currently not supported in Simulink.
The above answer is valid for VEX EDR only.If you are using a different variant of VEX controller contact Mathworks Technical Support.
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MathWorks Student Competitions Team
Note that, as Ashwini mentioned in the previous answer, the download will not work successfully if you using a VEX gamepad/controller to do it wirelessly. You will have to connect the Cortex directly to the computer over USB and then hit 'Deploy to Hardware'.

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