Unique function doesn't work in Simulink

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Andrew Poissant
Andrew Poissant on 22 Sep 2017
Commented: Andrew Poissant on 25 Sep 2017
I have a 624x2 matrix that needs to have repeated ordered pairs removed. The first column represents x values and the 2nd column represents y values. There are some repeating pairs and I need to remove them in the matlab function block in Simulink but when I execute the "unique" function in Simulink I get an error saying: An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated Caused by: The second operand is not sorted in ascending order. Use SORT first.
How do I get around this error? If I use "sort" then won't I lose my ordered pairs because the two columns will be sorted independently? My highly simplified code is below.
SRM = some 624x2 matrix SRM = unique(SRM(:,:), 'rows');
Andrew Poissant
Andrew Poissant on 25 Sep 2017
Sortrows works well but for some reason simulink is still giving the same error even when I sort by rows. It seems like a really rigid addition to matlab. Any idea how to remove repeated rows without unique?

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Answers (1)

Brian Hannan
Brian Hannan on 25 Sep 2017
You can use the 'stable' setOrder argument to get around this.
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Andrew Poissant
Andrew Poissant on 25 Sep 2017
I tried this, but am still getting the same error requesting that I use SORT first. I am getting an error using the following line: SRM = unique(SRM(:,1:2), 'rows', 'stable');

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