Split a series of lines into equal parts

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I have a vector of x values with each x corresponding to an endpoint of a line. Starting at 0, I want to split up each line made by the endpoint x into n number of sections. I have tried linspace but I keep getting an error saying "inputs must be scalars" for the line dx_n = linspace(0, x, 10).
x = [0 138.1308 138.0677 137.9625 137.6261 69.0759 64.8584]
dx_n = linspace(0, x, 10);

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 7 Aug 2017
Use the arrayfun function:
dn_n = arrayfun(@(x)linspace(0,x,10), x(2:end)', 'Uni',0); % Cell Array
dn_n = cell2mat(dn_n); % Matrix
You can either keep it as a cell array, or have it as a series of matrix rows.

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