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How to resend an invitation in Cody Coursework

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PeterB on 24 Jul 2017
Closed: PeterB on 26 Jul 2017
In Cody Coursework, one of my students needs their invitation re-sent. According to this help page: : "To resend an invitation: 1. In the People tab for a course, select one or more students. 2. Click Resend." The problem is THERE IS NO "RESEND" BUTTON ON THE "MANAGE PEOPLE" PAGE! At least not that I can find. (And I've tried two different browsers, Firefox and Chrome).
Can someone either tell me where the "Resend" button is, or tell me an alternative way to resend an invitation.
EDIT: Unblocking popups didn't help.

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PeterB on 26 Jul 2017
This was working the next day. It appeared to be a temporary bug, either in the Cody web site or in my configuration.

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