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Statistical difference between population and sample

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Riados on 28 Oct 2016
Edited: Riados on 29 Oct 2016
Hey folks, I'm not sure what MATLAB function to use for this problem:
I've got one test-measurement that I chopped in two sets of data (unequal in size), one before triggering something and one after.
Now I want to know if there is a statistical difference between those two. Tried ttest (didnt work) and ttest2, but the results were confusing (subjectively there should be no difference but the ttest2 returns results like h=1 with p=3e-69). Is this the wrong function for my application or am I using it wrong?
Riados on 29 Oct 2016
Ok I got it now! The issue was that I picked an outlier sample. 95% of the other samples return h=0 as expected, when I use ttest2 or even better when kstest2 (as dpb suggested) is used.
Thanks for your help!

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