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How plotfit in neural network works?

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Rita on 1 Apr 2016
When I run this
figure, plotfit(net,inputs,targets)
I get these errors
Error in mapminmax>apply (line 275)
y = (x - xmin(:,copyQ)) .* gain(:,copyQ) + settings.ymin;
Error in nnproc.pre_inputs (line 15)
xi = pfcns(k).apply(xi,pfcns(k).settings);
Error in nnsim.y (line 29)
Pc = nnproc.pre_inputs(fcns,Xc);
Error in plotfit>update_plot (line 384)
y = nnsim.y(net,x);
Error in plotfit (line 109)
plotData = update_plot(param,fig,plotData,update_args{:});

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