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How can I truncate kernel distribution

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Jun Liu
Jun Liu on 8 Mar 2016
Commented: Vineeth Kartha on 14 Mar 2016
Can the truncate function/method work for Kernel distribution. I have fit a kernel distribution object with real data. Alghouth there is truncate method available to the object, however, I got an error as shown below: Undefined function 'invalidateFit' for input arguments of type 'prob.KernelDistribution'.
Error in prob.TruncatableDistribution/truncate (line 62) td = invalidateFit(td);
How do you truncate kernel distribution?

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Vineeth Kartha
Vineeth Kartha on 14 Mar 2016
If possible can you share a sample code on which the issue can be reproduced, also share the information on which version of MATLAB you are using. It may be a good idea to contact the Mathworks Technical Support for further assistance on this issue.
Regards Vineeth

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