Error opening Simulink Model Configuration Parameters

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I cannot open the configuration parameters for my Simulink models. When I try to do so I the popup window for the GUI is blank except for the following message:
An unexpected error occurred while creating Model Configuration Parameters dialog box. This might be caused by functions in your MATLAB path that shadow built-in MATLAB functions.
'sh /var/folders/c4/bcgy12817tq29lxryl6579g40000gn/T/mex_10475450676031_38437' is an invalid option
file: /Applications/
name: locGetInstalledAndSupportedComps
line: 371
I am running 2023b on macOS Monterey with a mac M1 pro chip.
I was getting the same error previously so I uninstalled MATLAB and reinstalled but the error persists.

Answers (1)

Dhaval Joshi
Dhaval Joshi on 2 Dec 2023

I am also facing this issue.


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