masking thermal mass component with initial targets and nominal values with checkbox activation and deactivation

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Hi Team,
I want to mask a thermal mass from simscape thermal library with all the parameters which are avaiable inside thermal mass (Mass, Cp, Initial Targets (activation and providing priority dropdown and provide values) also nominal values (activation and deactivation and providing priority dropdown and provide values).
Please explain how to do so.

Answers (1)

akshatsood on 30 Nov 2023
Edited: akshatsood on 2 Dec 2023
I understand that you are seeking guidance on masking a "Thermal Mass" block from the Simscape Thermal Library, including all available parameters. However, the "Thermal Mass" block is already a mask. You can easily verify this by examining the "Mask" and "MaskParameters" properties for the block. For instance, consider a Simulink model "mdl" containing the "Thermal Mass" block. To explore these properties, you can utilize the "get_param" function. Here is a code snippet for reference.
blk = 'mdl/Thermal Mass';
isBlkMasked = get_param(blk, 'Mask'); % returns 'on'
% outputs all the mask parameters
blkMaskParameters = get_param(blk, 'MaskParameters');
Upon investigation, it is evident that the "Thermal Mass" block already has a mask.
If this does not correspond to your intended query, could you kindly elaborate on your concern? This will enable me to address the issue more effectively.
I hope this helps.

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