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Maciej Solarczyk
Maciej Solarczyk on 13 Jan 2022
Edited: Infinite_king on 16 Jan 2024
Hello, I try to use Matlab Mobile (Android device) to read temperature value from optris CS LT 15 Sensor. I can connect that sensor with other application named 'Serial USB Terminal' and that is working correct after choice CP210x driver. In matlab I try to use that trough:
s = serialport('/dev/ttyS0/',9600)
On PC it is working properly but In android device I occure an error like below:
Instrfind command doesn't found any open port and I am sure that right.
I don't know what is the reason of that? Permission, driver? That is not require for other app. I dont have any idea now. Please let me same help.
Below addidtional photo, maybe will be usefull.
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Michael Thursby
Michael Thursby on 25 Apr 2023
I am having the same problem with the ipad. I am trying to use matlab mobile to acquire data from an Arduino pressure sensor, and receive the same error message.

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Answers (2)

Infinite_king on 12 Jan 2024
Hi Maciej Solarczyk,
It seems like you're trying to use MATLAB Mobile on an Android device to read temperature values from a Sensor using a serial connection. MATLAB Mobile allows you to connect to a MATLAB session running in the MathWorks Cloud. The Serial Port interface is supported by the following platforms, Unfortunately, it was not supported in MathWorks Cloud. So, Serial Port interface cannot be used from the MATLAB mobile.
One way to process the data from the sensor (offline data), since you are able to connect to the sensor using 'Serial USB Terminal'.
  1. Gather the data from sensor and save the data locally.
  2. Upload the data to MATLAB Drive. Now the data will be accessible from multiple platforms.
  3. Perform the operations on the data from one of the supported platforms.
Refer the following resources for more information,

Maciej Solarczyk
Maciej Solarczyk on 12 Jan 2024

Hi, That was a long time ago. I used other tool than matlab to solved my problem. To be honest I am able to connect and communicate with arduino by Serial port and using matlab mobile but I am not able to communicate with this one special device which is using CP210x driver... That is some special case...

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Infinite_king on 12 Jan 2024
Edited: Infinite_king on 16 Jan 2024
Hi, I posted this answer thinking it would help others. As per the documentation, Serial Interface is not supported in MATLAB Cloud or MATLAB online. I know that we can connect Raspberry Pi in MATLAB online. I'm wondering how you connected Arduino using the Serial Port Interface.

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