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vicente Noguer
vicente Noguer on 22 Oct 2021
Commented: Jan on 22 Oct 2021
Hi, I've got a code that gives me the messages that repeat from two different strings. What I want is to get the time from the those messages but when I do it I get an error. Here is the code:
for K = 1:1:N
all_match_AIS = find(msg_AIS1(K) == msg_AIS2); % encontrar mensajes iguales
if isempty(all_match_AIS) %fprintf para escribir datos en un archivo de texto
% fprintf('No hay coincidencias para la linia #%d -> "%s"\n', origi_AIS1(K), msg_AIS1(K)); % '%s' para un string
% fprintf('potencial coincidencia #%d -> "%s", checking times\n', origi_AIS1(K), msg_AIS1(K));
% disp(K), disp(all_match_AIS)
if H1(K)== H2(all_match_AIS)
% crear rango de coincidencia de minutos
complete_match_AIS = all_match_AIS(M1(K) == M2(all_match_AIS) | M1(K) == M2(all_match_AIS) - 1 | M1(K) == M2(all_match_AIS) + 1);% Rango creado +-1 minuto de cada mensaje
msg_match{K} = msg_AIS1(complete_match_AIS);
Time_Matching = Time_AIS1(msg_match(K)) % HERE I GOT THE PROBLEM IMPORTANTE
if isempty(complete_match_AIS)
% fprintf('line %#d -> "%s" coincide texto pero no tiempo\n', origi_AIS1(K), msg_AIS1(K));
% fprintf ('line %#d -> "%s" coincide tambien el tiempo. Los resultados son:\n', origi_AIS1(K), msg_AIS1(K));
msg_AIS2(complete_match_AIS) %IMPORTANTE
The problem I got is the next one:
Unable to use a value of type cell as an index.
Error in matlab.internal.datatypes.parenReference_1D (line 12)
data = data(rowIndices);
Error in duration/parenReference (line 19)
obj.millis = parenReference_1D(obj.millis, rowIndices);
Error in CodiVicens (line 41)
Time_Matching = Time_AIS1(msg_match(K))%coger los mensajes de las lineas que han coincidido. IMPORTANTE
Thank you in advance

Answers (1)

Jan on 22 Oct 2021
Time_Matching = Time_AIS1(msg_match{K}) % curly braces
Jan on 22 Oct 2021
The error mesage, that the contents of msg_match{K} is a string. Then you cannot use it for indexing.

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