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Image reconstruction using compressed sensing..

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Abhishek sadasivan
Abhishek sadasivan on 28 Sep 2014
Commented: Abhilasha Sharma on 27 Aug 2020
I was going through certain papers in compressed sensing and papers claims exact reconstruction is possible through compressed sensing by acquiring only 15 or 20 percent of data from an image .The mathematics seems to be very complex.I stress the word 'acquiring'.By acquiring 15 % of data they had constructed an mri image.Seems hard to believe.If any one have an example code for this please let me know.
Thanks in advance...


Alejandro  Turpin
Alejandro Turpin on 3 Nov 2017
I know it might be too late but I found the original l1 magic code, which is working fine to me.
I hope it helps!
Abhilasha Sharma
Abhilasha Sharma on 27 Aug 2020
The code for compressive sensing given on is working , but not give the recovered image properly.. Would u any one plz help me regarding this..I am also working on compressive sensing.

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