How to set doppler shift, sampling time,path delay,path gains in rayleigh fading channel

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SIVASANKARI on 19 Aug 2014
For example:
Ts = 1e-4; % Sample period (s)
fd = 100; % Maximum Doppler shift
% Path delay and gains
tau = [0.1 1.2 2.3 6.2 11.3]*Ts;
PdB = linspace(0, -10, length(tau)) - length(tau)/20;
h = rayleighchan(Ts, fd, tau, PdB)
where how the values of Ts,fd,tau,PdB are assigned

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Abdallah Ghazi Faisal Zaid Alkilani
Take a look at:
Also the function you are using is already implemented in the Communications Toolbox.


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