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Real-time communication between python and Simulink.

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Narayani on 31 Jul 2014
I have a script running in Python that reads data from a HID USB device ( logitech driving force gt ). I want to use this data as the input to the Simulink model. Currently, I save the read-data into a .mat file and access it in MATLAB. This is less intuitive and I would want to implement it in such a way that the data read in Python is available to the Simulink model real-time. Is there a way to do it?
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Afraz MEHMOOD CHAUDHRY on 25 Aug 2020
Well nobody replied to your question and me also facing same problem. Have you find any way to do that. I also need to integrate simulink with python. One way is to call .m script in python whereas simulink file is already called in .m script. But I dont think so that dta from workspace of matlab will be output to python in real time.

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