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Simulink Shared Library Dependencies

In general, the code you generate from Computer Vision Toolbox™ blocks is portable ANSI® C code. After you generate the code, you can deploy it on another machine. For more information on how to do so, see Relocate or Share Generated Code (Simulink Coder).

There are a few Computer Vision Toolbox blocks that generate code with limited portability. These blocks use precompiled shared libraries, such as DLLs, to support I/O for specific types of devices and file formats. To find out which blocks use precompiled shared libraries, open the Computer Vision Toolbox Block Support Table. You can identify blocks that use precompiled shared libraries by checking the footnotes listed in the Code Generation Support column of the table. All blocks that use shared libraries have the following footnote:

Host computer only. Excludes Simulink® Desktop Real-Time™ target.

Simulink Coder™ provides functions to help you set up and manage the build information for your models. For example, one of the Build Information functions that Simulink Coder provides is getNonBuildFiles (Simulink Coder). This function allows you to identify the shared libraries required by blocks in your model. If your model contains any blocks that use precompiled shared libraries, you can install those libraries on the target system. The folder that you install the shared libraries in must be on the system path. The target system does not need to have MATLAB® installed, but it does need to be supported by MATLAB.