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Data Processing and Visualization

Convert coordinate frames, generate trajectories, visualize point clouds and transformations

Use the data processing and visualization functions as utility functions that convert between different coordinate systems, generate trajectories from waypoints, or visualize data like point clouds or UAV poses.


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axang2quatConvert axis-angle rotation to quaternion
axang2rotmConvert axis-angle rotation to rotation matrix
axang2tformConvert axis-angle rotation to homogeneous transformation
angdiffDifference between two angles
cart2homConvert Cartesian coordinates to homogeneous coordinates
hom2cartConvert homogeneous coordinates to Cartesian coordinates
trvec2tformConvert translation vector to homogeneous transformation
eul2quatConvert Euler angles to quaternion
eul2rotmConvert Euler angles to rotation matrix
eul2tformConvert Euler angles to homogeneous transformation
se2SE(2) homogeneous transformation (Since R2022b)
se3SE(3) homogeneous transformation (Since R2022b)
tform2axangConvert homogeneous transformation to axis-angle rotation
tform2eulExtract Euler angles from homogeneous transformation
tform2quatExtract quaternion from homogeneous transformation
tform2rotmExtract rotation matrix from homogeneous transformation
tform2trvecExtract translation vector from homogeneous transformation
enu2llaTransform local east-north-up coordinates to geodetic coordinates (Since R2020b)
lla2enuTransform geodetic coordinates to local east-north-up coordinates (Since R2020b)
lla2nedTransform geodetic coordinates to local north-east-down coordinates (Since R2020b)
ned2llaTransform local north-east-down coordinates to geodetic coordinates (Since R2020b)
quat2axangConvert quaternion to axis-angle rotation
quat2eulConvert quaternion to Euler angles
quat2rotmConvert quaternion to rotation matrix
quat2tformConvert quaternion to homogeneous transformation
quaternionCreate quaternion array (Since R2020b)
so2SO(2) rotation (Since R2022b)
so3SO(3) rotation (Since R2022b)
rotm2axangConvert rotation matrix to axis-angle rotation
rotm2eulConvert rotation matrix to Euler angles
rotm2quatConvert rotation matrix to quaternion
rotm2tformConvert rotation matrix to homogeneous transformation
showdetailsDisplay transformation in compact form (Since R2022b)
pointCloudObject for storing 3-D point cloud (Since R2020b)
pcplayerVisualize streaming 3-D point cloud data (Since R2020b)
plotTransformsPlot 3-D transforms from translations and rotations
waypointTrajectoryWaypoint trajectory generator (Since R2020b)
lookupPoseObtain pose information for certain time (Since R2020b)
waypointInfoGet waypoint information table (Since R2020b)
perturbApply perturbations to object (Since R2020b)
perturbationsPerturbation defined on object (Since R2020b)
minjerkpolytrajGenerate minimum jerk trajectory through waypoints (Since R2021b)
minsnappolytrajGenerate minimum snap trajectory through waypoints (Since R2021b)


Coordinate Transformation ConversionConvert to a specified coordinate transformation representation
Minimum Jerk Polynomial TrajectoryGenerate minimum jerk polynomial trajectories through multiple waypoints (Since R2022a)
Minimum Snap Polynomial TrajectoryGenerate minimum snap polynomial trajectories through multiple waypoints (Since R2022a)