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Subscribe to a Channel Feed

Subscribe to updates from channel feed with MQTT

ThingSpeak™ MQTT supports only QoS 0. For more information,see Server Response for Connections.


channels/<channelID>/subscribe subscribes to updates to a channel feed. Replace <channelID> with the channel ID and <format> with the format of the return message.

Input Arguments

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Channel ID for the subscription target, specified as a positive integer.


  • Each ThingSpeak license type allows a different number of concurrent MQTT subscriptions and has different restrictions on the number of messages delivered. For more information, see How to Buy and Frequently Asked Questions.

  • MQTT subscriptions do not report updates to the channel from Bulk Write JSON Data or Bulk Write CSV Data.

  • ThingSpeak MQTT honors all MQTT disconnect and unsubscribe messages. If you disconnect from the MQTT server, you are automatically unsubscribed from channel updates.


Configure MQTT X to subscribe to channel updates from your channel 33301 using and port 1883.

In the New Connection dialog, use the following connection settings, along with client ID, username, and password derived when the MQTT device was created in ThingSpeak:

Name: MyChanName
Host: mqtt://
Port: 1883
Clean Session: true (for best performance)

In the New Subscription dialog, use the subscribe topic syntax and settings:

Topic: channels/33301/subscribe
QoS: 0

Now when data is written to the channel, you can observe the messages in the MQTT X client display.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b