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Information for Paid Users

ThingSpeak offers student, home, academic, and standard licenses in addition to free licenses. Each license option has different features such as number of messages and rate of updates. For more information, see:

Associate Channel with License

If you have multiple licenses, you can choose which license a channel draws from. Choose Channels > My Channels and select the channel to modify. Under Associated License, select the license number.

Add or Remove User from License

The license administrator for a ThingSpeak license can add or remove users in the License Center. The license allows you to share ThingSpeak message capacity with one or more users in your organization or research group.

If you are an administrator, you can change the User associated to a license in the License Center of your MathWorks® Account.

  1. Log in to the License Center.

  2. Select the license number.

  3. Switch to the Manage Users tab.

    • To add a user, click Add User.

    • To remove a user, click the X icon under Remove User.

If you require further assistance, contact Customer Support.

Monitor Your Message Use

You can view your message use by choosing Account > My Account. The daily usage rate and monthly usage rates are based on your use to date and are updated once per day.

The usage rate information shown depends on the type of user.

  • License administrators can see the total messages used by each of the licensed end users.

  • Licensed end users who are not license administrators see only the message use associated with their own account.

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