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Control Chart Execution by Using Event Actions in a Superstate

The following example shows the use of event actions in a superstate.

Stateflow chart with top-level states called A and B. State A has substates called A1 and A2.

Initially, the chart is asleep. State A.A1 is active. Event E_three occurs and awakens the chart, which processes the event from the root down through the hierarchy:

  1. The chart root checks to see if there is a valid transition as a result of E_three. No valid transition exists.

  2. State A during actions (durA()) execute and complete.

  3. State A executes and completes the on event E_three action (A_one).

  4. State A checks its children for valid transitions. No valid transitions exist.

  5. State A1 during actions (durA1()) execute and complete.

  6. The chart goes back to sleep.

This sequence completes the execution of this Stateflow® chart associated with event E_three.