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Import Efficiency Map Data from Motor-CAD

This example shows how you can import efficiency map data from Motor-CAD to parameterize the Simscape™ Electrical™ Motor & Drive (System Level) block. This provides fast system-level simulation capability of a motor drive whilst still making accurate predictions about losses.

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Model Overview

Efficiency Data

The plot below shows the original scattered efficiency data from simulating a drive cycle in Motor-CAD plus the derived regular grid efficiency data for use by the Motor & Drive (System Level) block. The MATLAB® meshgrid and griddata functions determine the regular grid data.


The plot below shows efficiency values extracted from simulation results using the parameterized Simscape Electrical block.

Results from Real-Time Simulation

This example has been tested on a Speedgoat Performance real-time target machine with an Intel® 3.5 GHz i7 multi-core CPU. This model can run in real time with a step size of 150 microseconds.