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Enable Simscape Multibody Link Plugin in SolidWorks

The Simscape™ Multibody™ Link plugin allows you to export SolidWorks® CAD assembly models to Simscape Multibody. To download and install the plugin, see Install the Simscape Multibody Link Plugin.

Enable the Plugin

To enable the plugin:

  1. At the MATLAB® command prompt, enter smlink_linksw.

  2. Start SolidWorks.

  3. On the SolidWorks menu bar, click Tools > Add-Ins.


  4. In the Add-Ins dialog box, select the Simscape Multibody Link check box.

    Add-Ins dialog box

    After you enable the plugin, Simscape Multibody Link option is available when you start or open a SolidWorks assembly. To export an assembly model, on the menu bar, click Tools > Simscape Multibody Link > Export > Simscape Multibody.

    SMLINK menu

If your computer has more than one copy of SolidWorks, the smlink_linksw command adds the Simscape Multibody Link plugin to all installations. However, you must select the Simscape Multibody Link check box in the Add-Ins dialog box for each installation from which you want to export CAD assembly models.

Update the Plugin

To update the plugin:

  1. Disable the current version by entering smlink_unlinksw at the MATLAB command prompt.

  2. Download, install, and enable the new plugin. See Install the Simscape Multibody Link Plugin for more information.

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