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Filter and Reorder Test Execution and Results

You can run a subset of tests or view a subset of test results by filtering test tags. Tags are a property of the test case, test suite, or test file. You can also reorder test cases and test suites, which changes the order in which tests run.

Add Tags

Add comma-separated tags to the Tags section in the Test Browser. Tags cannot contain spaces; spaces are corrected to commas.

Filter Tests and Results

In the text box at the top of the Test Browser or Results and Artifacts pane, filter tests by entering tags: id1, id2, ... where id1 and id2 are example test tags. Enter multiple tags separated by commas to return tests containing any tag in the list.

Run Filtered Tests

To run a subset of tests

  1. Filter the tests using tags.

  2. In the toolstrip, click the down arrow below Run and select Run Filtered.

Change the Test Execution Order

To change the order in which tests run and are reported, you can drag and drop test cases to the desired locations in the Test Browser. You cannot drag and drop test suites.