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System Configuration

Development and target computer configuration, target computer boot method, confidence test

Configure the environment for real-time applications by connecting a development computer to a Speedgoat® target computer that meets your requirements: form factor, performance, I/O interface, and protocol interface. The Speedgoat target computer system comes with:

  • CPU, RAM, disk, I/O interfaces, protocol interfaces, and FPGA hardware installed and operational.

  • A complete set of I/O cables, terminal boards, Simulink® driver blocks, documentation, and a loopback wiring harness facilitating acceptance testing for each I/O module.

  • The Simulink Real-Time™ RTOS preinstalled on the target computer.

Connect the target computer to your physical system, also called the device under test.

Once you have set up the target computer system, you can create real-time applications from Simulink models on the development computer. You can then build, download, and run these real-time applications on the target computer system via the Ethernet link.


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