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Class: slcoverage.Filter
Package: slcoverage

Add coverage filtering rule to filter


result = addRule(filter,rule)


result = addRule(filter,rule) adds the filter rule to the specified filter.

Input Arguments

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Filter object to add the rule to, specified as an slcoverage.Filter object.

Rule to add to the filter, specified as an slcoverage.FilterRule object.

Output Arguments

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Rule addition result, returned as 0 or 1.


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Create a block selector, a filter, and a rule for the selector. Then add the rule to the filter.

Open the model. Specify coverage settings and turn on coverage recording.

modelName = 'slcoverage_lct_bus';

Create a BlockSelector object, bl. This block selector selects all blocks in the model with the property 'RelationalOperator'.

bl = slcoverage.BlockSelector(slcoverage.BlockSelectorType.BlockType,'RelationalOperator');

Create a filter object, create a rule object, and add the rule to the filter object.

filt = slcoverage.Filter;
rule = slcoverage.FilterRule(bl,'Tested elsewhere',slcoverage.FilterMode.Exclude);

Version History

Introduced in R2017b