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What Blocks Are Tunable?

You can tune parameters in the following Simulink® blocks using Simulink Control Design™ software. The block input and output signals for tunable blocks must have scalar, double-precision values.

Tunable BlockDescription


Constant gain

LTI System

Linear time-invariant system

Discrete Filter

Discrete-time infinite impulse response filter

PID Controller

One-degree-of-freedom PID controller

Discrete PID Controller

Discrete-time one-degree-of-freedom PID controller


Continuous-time state-space model

Discrete State-Space

Discrete-time state-space model


Continuous-time zero-pole-gain transfer function

Discrete Zero-Pole

Discrete-time zero-pole-gain transfer function

Transfer Fcn

Continuous-time transfer function model

Discrete Transfer Fcn

Discrete-time transfer function model

Additionally, you can tune the linear State-Space, Zero-Pole, and Transfer Fcn blocks in the Simulink Extras Additional Linear library.

You can tune the following versions of the listed tunable blocks:

  • Blocks with custom configuration functions associated with a masked subsystem

  • Blocks discretized using the Simulink Model Discretizer


If your model contains Model blocks with normal-mode model references to other models, you can select tunable blocks in the referenced models for compensator design.

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