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Monitor Linear System Characteristics in Simulink Models

Simulink® Control Design™ software provides Model Verification blocks to monitor time- and frequency-domain characteristics of a linear system computed from a nonlinear Simulink model during simulation.

Use these blocks to:

  • Verify that the linear system characteristics of any nonlinear Simulink model, including the following, remain within specified bounds during simulation:

    • Continuous- or discrete-time models

    • Multi-rate models

    • Models with time delays, represented using exact delay or Padé approximation

    • Discretized linear models computed from continuous-time models

    • Continuous-time models computed from discrete-time models

    • Resampled discrete-time models

    The linear system can be Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) or Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO).

  • View specified bounds and bound violations on linear analysis plots.


    These blocks are same as the Linear Analysis Plots blocks except for different default settings of the bound parameters.

  • Save the computed linear system to the MATLAB® workspace.

The verification blocks assert when the linear system characteristic does not satisfy a specified bound, i.e., assertion fails. A warning message, reporting the assertion failure, appears at the MATLAB prompt. When assertion fails, you can:

  • Stop the simulation and bring that block into focus.

  • Evaluate a MATLAB expression.

You can use these blocks with the Simulink Model Verification blocks to design complex logic for assertion. For an example, see Verify Model Using Simulink Control Design and Simulink Verification Blocks.


These blocks do not support code generation and can only be used in Normal simulation mode.