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Play Animation Files

Play Virtual World Animation Files

You can view virtual world animation files using one of these approaches:

  • Open the 3D Animation Player from the MATLAB® Toolstrip.

    To open the 3D Animation Player from the MATLAB Toolstrip, in the Apps tab, in the Simulation Graphics and Reporting section, click 3D Animation Player. Select or specify a virtual world 3D animation file.

  • From the operating system, locate and double-click the VRML animation file

    Double-click the virtual world 3D file. An HTML5-enabled web browser opens with the animation running. To view the resulting animation file, you must have an HTML5-enabled web browser installed on your system.

  • Use vrplay(filename), where filename is the name of your virtual world 3D file. This command opens the 3D Animation Player and your file. Using the player, you can control the playback of your file.

    vrplay works only with VRML animation files created using the Simulink® 3D Animation™ recording functionality.

  • In the Current Folder pane of MATLAB, double-click the animation file and from the context menu, select Run.

  • At the MATLAB command line, use vrview.

    A fourth option is to use the MATLAB command vrview.

    The vrview command displays the default Simulink 3D Animation Viewer for the animation file. Setting the TimeSource property of the set method to 'freerun' directs the viewer to advance its time independent of the MATLAB software.

    To stop the animation, type:


To close the viewer and delete the world, get the handle of the vrfigure object and close it, as follows:


Or, to close all vrfigure objects and delete the world, type


Play AVI Animation Files

To view an AVI animation file, use one of these approaches:

  • Double-click the AVI animation file. The program associated with .avi files in your system (for example, Windows Media® Player Media Player) opens for the .avi file. If your .avi file is not yet running, start it now from the application. The animation file runs.

  • Use the MATLAB VideoReader function.

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