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Refresh Status of Project Files

To check for locally modified project files, on the Project tab, in the Source Control section, click Refresh.

Refresh queries the local sandbox state and checks for changes made with another tool outside of MATLAB®.


For SVN, Refresh does not contact the repository. To check the repository for later revisions, use Check for Modifications instead. To get the latest revisions, use Update instead. See Check for Modifications and Update Revisions of Project Files.

The buttons in the Source Control section of the Project tab apply to the whole project.

Refresh refreshes the view of the source control status for all files under projectroot. Clicking Refresh updates the information shown in the Revision column and the source control status column (for example, SVN, or Git columns). Hover over the icon to see the tooltip showing the source control status of a file, e.g., Modified.

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