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Signal Logging Selector

View signal logging configuration and override signal logging settings


The Signal Logging Selector in Simulink allows you to view a signal logging configuration, including signal logging override settings. You can also use the Simulink Signal Logging Selector to override signal logging settings without changing the model in the Simulink® Editor. When you override signal logging settings, you select a subset of signals to log from a superset of signals marked for logging in the model without changing the model itself. Overriding signal logging settings allows you to reduce memory overhead and avoid recompiling a model. For more information about overriding signal logging properties, see Override Signal Logging Settings.

Signal Logging Selector

Open the Signal Logging Selector

  • Simulink Toolstrip: On the Modeling tab, click Model Settings. Then, click Configure Signals to Log.

  • MATLAB® Command Window: Enter Simulink.SimulationData.signalLoggingSelector(mdl), where mdl is the name of the model for which you want to open the Signal Logging Selector dialog box, specified as a character vector.

Version History

Introduced in R2011a