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The Model Info block displays model properties and text about a model on the mask of the block. Use the Model Info block dialog box to specify the content and format of the text that the block displays. You can select model properties to display on the block. In the text displayed on the block mask, Simulink® replaces the property name with the current value of the property in the model.


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Use the Enter text and tokens to display on Model Info block edit box to specify the text and properties to display.

  • In the edit box, enter any text you want to display on the block mask. Edit the default text Model Info.

  • To display a model property on the block mask, select a property in the Model properties list and click the right arrow button.

    The block adds a token of the form %<modelpropertyname> to the edit box. In the text the block mask displays, Simulink replaces the token with the value of the property.

    1. For example, if you select Description in the Model properties list and click the right arrow button, then the token


      appears in the right edit box.

    2. You could add some explanatory text before the model property, e.g. “Model description:”.

    3. When you click Apply or OK, Simulink displays your new text and the current value of the model property on the block mask in the Model Editor.

    See Access Model Information Programmatically for descriptions of the model properties.

If you are interested in source control information, for a flexible interface to source control tools, use a project. See Source Control in Projects.

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Introduced before R2006a