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Introduction to Managing Data with Model Reference

This example shows the basic concepts related to managing data with model reference.

Open the Example Model

Open the example model sldemo_mdlref_datamngt.

Example Content

This example uses a top model sldemo_mdlref_datamngt that contains three Model blocks: Counter1, Counter2, and Counter3. These blocks reference the same model sldemo_mdlref_counter_datamngt.

The referenced model implements a limited counter algorithm that:

  • Resets the counter if the first trigger input changes

  • Increments the counter by a specified amount if the second input changes

  • Saturates the counter between the specified upper and lower limits

The referenced model outputs a bus signal that contains:

  • Count: the value of the counter as an 8-bit integer

  • OverflowState: an enumerated value that indicates whether the counter is at the upper limit, lower limit, or in range

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