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Author Blocksets Using Blockset Designer

Author, manage, and deploy blocksets for reuse

A blockset is a user-defined collection of blocks organized in a Simulink® library that enables collaboration, distribution, and reuse of blocks for your specific application. A blockset can include built-in Simulink blocks and user-defined blocks.

Blockset Designer is a tool that enables end-to-end, collaborative, and project-based authoring of blocksets. With Blockset Designer, you can easily manage the entire process of blockset authoring, from organizing blocks into libraries to adding tests and documentation, and finally deploying the authored blocksets as toolboxes. This helps streamline the creation of blocksets, making it easier for teams to work together and deploy the authored block libraries. In summary, use the Blockset Designer to:

  • Collaborate and create blocks and organize them into libraries.

  • Import an existing blockset to create a blockset project.

  • Manage blocks and their artifacts, such as source code, TLC files, build scripts, tests, and documentation.

  • Publish and deploy your blockset as a toolbox.