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Using Code-Related Products and Features

With Simulink®, Simulink Coder™, and Simulink Real-Time™ software, using several code-related technologies, you can link existing code to your models and generate code versions of your models.

Code-Related TaskComponent or Feature
Link existing code written in C or other supported languages to Simulink modelsSimulink S-functions to generate customized blocks
Speed up Simulink simulationsAccelerator mode
Rapid Accelerator mode
Generate standalone fixed-step code from Simulink modelsSimulink Coder software
Generate variable-step code from Simulink models, well-suited for batch or Monte Carlo simulationsSimulink Coder Rapid Simulation Target (RSim)
Convert Simulink model to code and compile and run it on a target PCSimulink Coder and Simulink Real-Time software