Circuit Envelope Library


AmplifierModel amplifier in RF systems
AttenuatorModel an attenuator
CapacitorModel capacitor for circuit envelope analysis
FilterModel an RF filter
GroundElectrical reference port
Ideal TransformerModel ideal transformer
InductorModel inductor for circuit envelope analysis
LC LadderModel LC ladder networks
MixerModel mixer in RF systems
Mutual InductorModel two coupled inductors for circuit envelope analysis
Phase ShiftModel phase shift in RF systems
Power AmplifierModel a Power Amplifier with memory
ResistorModel resistor for circuit envelope analysis
Signal CombinerCompute sum of RF signals
S-ParametersModel S-parameter network
Three-Winding TransformerModel three coupled inductors for circuit envelope analysis
Transmission LineModel transmission line
Variable AttenuatorModel a variable attenuator
Variable CapacitorModel a variable capacitor
Variable InductorModel a variable inductor
Variable Phase ShiftModel a variable phase shift
Variable ResistorModel a variable resistor
VGAModel VGA (variable gain amplifier)
ImpedanceModel complex impedance


CirculatorModel ideal frequency-independent circulators with S-parameters
CouplerModel ideal frequency-independent couplers with S-parameters
DividerModel ideal frequency-independent dividers (combiners) with S-parameters
PotentiometerModel Simulink® controlled potentiometer
SwitchModel Simulink controlled two terminal switch
SPSTModel single pole single throw (SPST) switch
SPDTModel single pole double throw (SPDT) switch
SPnTModel an absorptive or reflective Single Pole Multiple throw (SPnT) switch


Continuous WaveModel constant envelope source
NoiseModel noise using current or voltage noise source in RF systems
SinusoidModel DC offset and sinusoidal modulation


DemodulatorModel a Demodulator
IQ DemodulatorModel an IQ Demodulator
IQ ModulatorModel an IQ Modulator
ModulatorModel a Modulator


IIP2 TestbenchMeasures the Input 2nd Intercept Point of a system
IIP3 TestbenchMeasures the Input 3rd Intercept Point of a system
Noise Figure TestbenchMeasures the Noise Figure of a System
OIP2 TestbenchMeasures the Output 2nd Intercept Point of a system
OIP3 TestbenchMeasures the Output 3rd Intercept Point of a system
Transducer Gain TestbenchMeasures the Transducer Gain of a system


ConfigurationSpecify system-wide parameters for circuit envelope analysis
InportConvert Simulink input signal to RF Blockset™ signal
OutportConvert RF Blockset signal to Simulink output signals
Connection PortConnection port for RF subsystem
Spectrum AnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals