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10GBASE-KR4 Compliance Kit

Characterize and validate the performance of a 10GBASE-KR4 channel design.

10GBASE-KR is a 10 Gb/s data rate baseband specification, with a backplane medium, using a 64B/66B coding scheme, in a four-lane configuration. The IEEE 802.3-2008 Annex 69B provides guidelines for a backplane design where meeting or exceeding the loss and crosstalk masks provides a high confidence of a successful channel design. However, if a channel does not meet the masks, it does not mean that the backplane will not operate at a specified bit error rate. It means that these channels need more analysis through simulation. It is possible that transmitter and receiver equalization can overcome loss or crosstalk deficiencies that do not meet the appropriate mask given.

This kit is designed for analysis of a backplane design with two mated connectors as given in the Annex 69B section of the 10GBASE-KR specification. The kit also includes sheets containing the backplane and connectors with two plug-in line cards attached. IBIS-AMI TX and RX models are provided with representative package models. Widebus sheets in this kit are included for crosstalk simulations only.

This kit enables you to insert a channel design and test it against the supplied masks to determine if the channel has a high confidence of success. Otherwise further investigation and simulation will need to be performed to determine if the channel meets the target bit-error rate.

Open 10GBASE-KR4 Kit

Open the 10GBASE-KR4 kit in the Serial Link Designer app using the openSignalIntegrityKit function.



Kit Overview

  • Project Name: 10GBASE_KR

  • Interface Name: 10GBASE_KR

  • Target Operating Frequency: 10.3125 Gb/s (UI = 96.967 ps)

This kit defines one schematic set.

  • 10GBASE-KR Sheets – backplane only (single channel and widebus crosstalk sheets) and one backplane with 2 line cards connected (single channel and widebus crosstalk sheets)

For more information about the 10GBASE-KR4 channel compliance schematics, transfer net properties, and compliance rules, refer to the document 10GBASE_KR4.pdf that is attached to this example as a supporting file.


[1] IEEE Std 802.3-2008 (Annex 68B). Module 10GBASE-KR parameters.

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